About Us

We are an independant European label from Croatia, and promoting acoustic musicians.
Samsara Music was founded in 2021 after signing several artists such Antoine Dufour, Don Alder, Gavino Loche and Dmitry Lisenko.



Barbara Ivicevic 


  Managers : 

Europe / Canada / Africa : Kevin Mistretta

 USA & Asia : Eric Lam

Sound Engineer

Yaouen & Antoine Dufour 

Mixing & Mastering

Laurent Martin

Videographer & Photographer :
Dmitry Lisenko / Youri Charoy / Yaouen

Designer : Jared Smith 

Webmaster : Kevin Mistretta




Environmental Cause

The label has for one and only goal, that of converging music and environmental protection. 

We are working with "Tara Association", it organizes missions all over the world for animal and environmental protection.


The artists Don Alder, Justin St Pierre, Kevuan and Dmitry Lisenko took part in a trip to South Africa last summer 2020, to make a film on the protection of the environment and the importance of endemic species. They also gave two charity concerts to raise funds for local associations.

Sober Pirate Youtube Channel

Small documentary directed by our friend "Dmitry Lisenko" while waiting for the film to be released.